Babak Emamian Al Hadath 22 Sept 2020…US reimpose UN Sanctions on Iran

Babak Emamian Al Hadath 22 Sept 2020…US reimpose UN Sanctions on Iran

Babak Emamian Al Hadath 22 Sept 2020
US reimposing UN sanctions on Iran

1) Iran Islamic Republic proven that it can never be moderate or a normal country
2) Islamic Republic behaves as an Occupying Army in Iran….since 1979 trying to replace Persian Identity with a Religious ideology
3) Iran hyper-inflation between 30-60% leading to mass poverty and malnourishment
4) Economic mismanagement resulting in higher inflation than Syria and Iraq who have had Wars and internal conflicts
5) Islamic Republic has no solution to Iran economic problems
6) Iran Regime survival plan on suppressing any street protest immediately by local militias and fanatic supporters

US-EUropean disagreement on Iran
1) US complaining that Europeans exaggerating Iran capabilities
2) Europeans asking US to return to Iran Deal (JCPOA) thus stopping Radicals in Iran pursuing Nuclear Weapons
3) Islamist radicals believe that it is easier to negotiate with US when Iran a Nuclear Power
4) US argues that people of Iran are not for a Nuclear bomb and radicals need winning the Presidency as well as a few more institutions to have full control
5) US argues that having a Nuclear weapon and using it are two different things…many countries could obtain Nuclear weapon but no one dare to use it…as in the case of North Korea…having a Nuclear weapon has not been advantages to North Korea….
6) Iran Regime behaving as Superpower with an economy the size of Madagascar (without oil revenue)
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