Russia, Moscow subway terrorist attack 29.03.2010

Russia, Moscow subway terrorist attack 29.03.2010

Its very sad day for Russia and for Moscow. Today (29.03.2010) at 7:57am (Moscow time) 1st bomb exploded on Lubyanka metro station. Then at 8:37am (Moscow time) another suicide bomber attack happened at Park Kultury station. Mass media talks about at least 37 people killed and 65 wounded. I dedicate this movie to all who died in this terrorist attack and to families of victims. No more terrorist attack in Europe NO MORE


  1. @MrBOSNASARAJEVO Every Islamic country is potential danger cause of their mentaly agresive and revange needing. War is war, civils dies on war face the brutal world. Fact that some1 lost family member in war isnt good reason to kill innocent people in terror attack. Bosnia isnt 100% muslim country and true terror isnt Afganistan. Rasist? hmm if hating muslism is rasism then I'm rasisct and im not ashamed of it well I'm pretty proud of hating Islam. PS. missclickly blocked u

  2. @LupuArdelean @LupuArdelean No not US. US is just main "evil" that finace Ukraine ect. As I said USSR is not Russia, anyway Russia was always imperialism country and u cant blame em for that rules ruling this was greedy is human thing. I can understand being unfriendly to Russians for this but u cant say things like agreeing with killing innocents. Poland was also betreyaled by Romanians in WW II but i dont blame you for this… i can only blame youre gouverment

  3. @LupuArdelean By cupturing our gouverment and improsened em. Hell yeah check my profile and Jew. This time welcome to my ignor list arogant and idiot. Whine more live in youre own shity lie.


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