Montage of Police Brutality Against Protests 2020 (Graphic)

Montage of Police Brutality Against Protests 2020 (Graphic)

*I do not own the music and I did not record any of these videos (all were found on public platforms)*


I believe I have a moral obligation to use the means I have to speak out against evil. So, I made this video today, often finding myself crying from heartbreak and shaking with fury in equal measure. My hope is that you will feel those emotions as well when you watch. Because what is happening in America right now is too important to look away.

I used video footage from across the country documenting the out-of-control, violent responses to the peaceful protests over George Floyd’s murder, our nation’s systematic racism, and unchecked police brutality. These clips are shocking, vile, and represent a horrific abuse of power by the police.

There are countless hours of footage and hundreds, if not thousands, of clips like these online right now. The media can’t, and often won’t, share them all. Please, watch and meditate on what you see. If you can, donate money to organizations seeking to end this. Vote for leadership that will not forget or forgive it. Show your support, however best you can, for the men and women out there protesting against this evil.

We are witnessing a battle for the soul and future of the United States. What will you honestly be able to say you did about it?

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