Prof R Vaidyanathan talks on the recent skirmishes between Armenia & Azerbaijan, and role of Turkey

Prof R Vaidyanathan talks on the recent skirmishes between Armenia & Azerbaijan, and role of Turkey

Is Europe again preparing for a war? What is the reason for the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan? What are Turkey’s ambitions? Where will this lead to?
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  1. Look forward for Europe to implemente Shariah Law !! Love to hear people electing Islam leaders in the elections. Mohammed is the common name – conquer the European world. So all Charlies, Allans, Helens, Thomas….etc. will become Mohammed !! Hope Boris Johnson is listening. Europe will be painted Green i.e. Total Green Peace !! Green Peace is marching….very good news…

  2. India ALSO should wake up or should I say the Hindus need to wake up and defend themselves. As there may come a time when Radical Islam may overtake Hindus and then you will not be able to ignore them or their ideologies anymore!?

  3. Prof Vaidyanathan, please check your source of your claim that Turkey was responsible for massacre of Armenians. This was manufactured by the British Historians immediately after winning the first world war.This massacre was supposed to have happened some time in the first decade of 1900. Except British Historians, there is no evidence to prove that claim.
    Your conclusions are perfectly correct. I totally agree with you that India should keep aloof from the European conflict.

  4. Very enlightening talk..It explains the changing geo political alliances and ideological shifts in true historical perspective..I have today only forwarded to more than 50 individuals and groups, people who have understanding and are sensible about these matters..hope and wish you soon touch a million mark.

  5. OLD MEN, regretting and speaking about glorious past, china-pak-north-korean-turkey nuclear axis soon to be joined by iran, qatar, malaysian, etc, what would be indian response, maybe elections in bihar, uttarpradesh election, how to break opportunistic shameless, shivasena, NCP, congress maharastrian gatbandhan, indians should focus on elections and winning, war is not your cup of tea

  6. We as Indians are obsessing on how the invaders should apologize to us. Are we dreaming…invaders never apologize. The only lesson to be learned from invasions are that we as a nation should be strong enough to invade ourselves. Peace through strength is the only law of survival.


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