Turkey Divided : Islamists v Nationalists .

Turkey Divided : Islamists v Nationalists .

Republic of Turkey is divided so badly that its parliament members are fighting each other in front of the whole world .
This is the real turkey , the fake european union candidate .


  1. @akpartiavrupa : LMFAO look who's talking , don't u have anything else to do ? like helping comrade Bin Laden in Jihad or praying ,since u're Islamist?
    Let the dunkeys fuck you haha .

  2. Bull….t… !!!! Do u people think that Nationalists r against Islam? might be some arguments about if it's beneficial to associate Religion with Politics, but the Ultra Nationalists in Turkey r Muslims as well, and they stood with us (Chechens) in our struggle against communist russians. Turkey will NOT be divided ! greetings from ur Chechen brothers in Jordan!
    And btw… these posted pics mean nothing ! i can post the same about Russia, USA, Israel, Greece, China or wheresoever !

  3. Armenians were kings of Anatolia for 4000 years.. and turks ..well 1400 will see ..it is not an easy place to live, in these area. on DAY the whole world will bring the mongol barbars down.


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