Whitmer: ‘Trump Giving Safe Harbor to Domestic Terrorists’

Whitmer: ‘Trump Giving Safe Harbor to Domestic Terrorists’

While greeting voters in a Traverse City, Michigan neighborhood, Friday, Governor Gretchen Whitmer called for a stronger stance against extremism targeted at state officials.

Thursday, federal authorities announced they foiled a plot to kidnap Whitmer from her vacation home before the November 3rd election.

“I think that it’s a very real threat to our democracy. There’s no question that these hate groups are domestic terrorists and I think we need to call them that, frankly,” she said.

Thirteen men are facing various charges in both federal and state court in the plot to kidnap Whitmer and storm the Michigan capitol to seek a “civil war.”

In between greeting voters, Whitmer called out the role she says President Trump has in the extremist movement.

“I think the President has given safe harbor to hate organizations and domestic terror organizations,” she said. “We need leadership who steps up and takes it on.”

Whitmer called for Trump and his fellow Republicans to do more.

“I have asked specifically from this White House to bring the heat down. I have asked Republican leaders in our state legislature to bring the heat down. I have asked for their help and none of them have done a darn thing,” Whitmer told the Associated Press.

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  2. Whitmer wants to defund the police and encourages left wing terrorists to “peacefully protest” and burn down buildings. Seems a little hypocritical … am I missing something here?


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