Dedicated to Dan Eivind Lid 💜proud Norwegian nationalist

Dedicated to Dan Eivind Lid 💜proud Norwegian nationalist

On the 4th of October Dan was murdered in his home in Kristianstad in Norway. The police suspect either radical Muslims or Antifa related people to be the perpetrators.

According to neighbours he had recently been threatened by Muslims in the area where he lives. But he had also received alot of unpleasant messages ect after the biggest Norwegian communist organisation wrote a hit piece about him in August 2020
(link below)

Most of the Scandinavian media has ignored this and the ones who have mentioned it, has mostly done so using the usual smear tactics of demonising him basically saying he deserved what happened to him.

If you want to look into this further I left some links for different articles about his murder.

Thank you for watching and caring


Et Sian-medlem er drept, og spørsmålene er mange – Document


  1. See description box for information about Dan.

    Also check out his VK account, he was kinda of a boomer – but he also had some pretty based memes about a surden chosen tribe.
    So he was clearly on his way down the rabbi hole (all though Still Only scratching the surface) – but sadly he was taken from us way to soon and now we will sadly never know what Dan could have achieved if left alone by the vile fckers who killed him – just for fighting for his people. 💔


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