France mourns murder of Paris teacher in ‘Islamist terror attack’

France mourns murder of Paris teacher in ‘Islamist terror attack’

The French President has called the murder of a Paris teacher a terrorist attack.

The victim is said to have shown controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during a class discussion about freedom of expression.

The popular teacher was beheaded by a teenager in an Islamist terror attack after which the killer was then shot dead by the police.

Police say the perpetrator was an 18 year old youth who had arrived in France as a refugee.


  1. from iran loud n clear: SHIT be upon mohammed's legacy n as well as upon european goverments for supporting islamic governments in asia n aferica. shame on you.
    shit b upon islam anyway.

  2. allah was a conqueror, rapist, murder, pedofile and they still dare to call it a religion of peace 😂.
    The korran should be baned just as meinkampf written by hitler.
    Islam is teaching children to hate infidels.
    Europe is lost, we need to control our borders again!


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