Iran’s Revolutionary Guard branded “terrorists”

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard branded “terrorists”

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Pepe Escobar says, “It’s all about regime change in Iran”


  1. Good source of information. I knew the Bush administration was planning an attack on Iran. I also knew that they were probably going to fabricate some trumped up excuse to gain American support for an attack.

  2. Jrigeli, you can't blame their religion for the alleged "death chants". We're occupying a lot of countries around them, and have plans drawn-up to bomb 1,200 targets. And you wonder why they hate us?

    The Iranian Parliamentary should've labeled the Pentagon a terrorist organization, too.

    But why are we worried about Iran when they have no plans to attack us? Russia's flying by Alaska with fighter jets. THAT is a threat.

  3. what is everyone posting about!?!?!

    Can't attack them unless we call them terrorists.
    Can't attack a countries military without attacking the country. Cannot legally make threats without a declaration of war. So whats the point of labeling them terrorists unless they plan to go to war or at least try to?

    It's just political maneuvering to sway perception of a nation so that the common sheeple will not notice we're attacking a country and it's military relabeled as a terrorist organization.

  4. So american troops invade Iraq based on a pack of lies & bomb innocent civilians in there homes,Torture & humiliate innocent people in Abu Ghraib,Rape Iraqi Women & Children & Murder over a million innocent civilians & they still have the audacity to claim Iran,s revolutionary guards are the terrorists,lmfao,Iran has,nt attacked another Country in 300 years,In this time american soldiers have attacked dozens of Countries murdering millions of innocent civilians in the process.Fucking hypocrites.

  5. Say what you will you can disrespect the USA pout and cry wolf you can bring in all these experts to say there's no proof in America's pudding you can hate on my message or on me but the fact is and the undenying truth is Iran is no match to the American military oh we must be losing because Russia has the s300 s400 supersonic missiles that are nuclear but I tell you plain as day you should fear of what you don't hear about the types of weapons and technology the US has while Russia boasts it new weapons the quiet one in the room is America and that should be of concern nobody likes a big mouth and everyone should mind the quiet guy in the room so I say to you is you can hate all you want on my country but you can't deny it's the most powerful country in the world with the means to take and obliterate any opposition who opposes them there's not dam thing you can do but sit your ass on your chair and waive your fists you will never stop the war machine if you try there will be nothing left of this world


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