Terrorism in Mi’kma’ki: Violence of Non-Native Fishermen Escalates

Terrorism in Mi’kma’ki: Violence of Non-Native Fishermen Escalates

This video is a follow-up from my last one which talked about the violent mob of non-native fishermen who trapped two Mi’kmaw fishermen in a lobster storage area, burned their van and then later broke in, stole some of the lobster and then destroyed the rest.

This video provides an update on the more recent acts of violence – including the burning of a building and the increased acts of intimidation by the non-native fishermen in opposition to Mi’kmaw treaty rights.

Here is the previous video in case you missed it:

Mi’kmaw Declaration of a State of Emergency:

Sipekne’katik (formerly Indian Brook First Nations):

Sipekne’katik Governance Initiative 2020 video:

Maureen Googoo, Ku’Ku’kwes News: Angry mob trap Mi’kmaw fishermen at a lobster pound in southwestern Nova Scotia:

Here is my Warrior Life podcast interview with Cheryl Maloney from Sipekne’katik talking about the Mi’kmaw right to govern our fishery:

Here is the video version that I did of her interview:

Here is the Warrior Life podcast that I did with Mi’kmaw warrior Sakej Ward who talks about the importance of defending our rights:

This is the video version of the Warrior Life podcast with Mi’kmaw warrior Sakej Ward:

Change.Org petition to support Mi’kmaw:

Facebook page for Assembly of Nova Scotia Chiefs:

Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative:

UBCIC Statement of Support of Mi’kmaq:

AMC Statement of Support:

NWAC Letter to PM Trudeau calling for action:

Link to resources put together by Mi’kmaw of how to support:

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Nothing in this video, my other videos, podcasts or publications promotes violence on Indigenous territories. Life is precious.

Please note: Nothing in this video or the attached materials should be misconstrued as legal, financial or medical advice nor relied on as such. These videos are for educational purposes and represent fair political comment.



  1. Thank you for doing such a great job at hammering away at this horrific situation. Why isn't everyone appalled by this overt terrorist attack on peaceful Mi'kmaw fishermen who are completely within their rights? The RCMP have always been the governments goon squad enforcing repression and subjugation and have always represented Canadas colonial agenda. They should be dissolved in disgrace! I hope you don't feel like a lone voice in the dark…some of us are right with you and I applaud the fishermen for not retaliating with violence. Keep it up Pam, too many people are sleepwalking!

  2. Thank you Pam. Very informative. Keep up the great work. Very sad to see what has transpired. Eurocentric attitudes is alive and well. Greed greed greed. They want nothing to do with sharing. The Government of Canada should pull the non native licences for the current year and make them understand what a Right is and what is a priviledge….

  3. Brenda Lucki has to go. The coverage of this have thrown the spotlight squarely on the RCMP on the nightly news. Many non-native Canadians are finally seeing what is systemic racism looks like.

  4. Whenever you see people been terrorized this way it must be called out as a terrorist act . Racism and discrimination should be refered to and dealt with as a terrorist threat . The government must do more to settle this matter and make first nations fisherman feel protected and feel safe by the RCMP instead of standing by and letting this type of terrorism take place. Pam I have watched a lot of your other videos here and the situation is getting worse instead of better for your people and I would have thought that the Prime Ministers office would have gotten involved to put a stop to the violence . How can our government lobby for a seat to sit on at the security council at the United Nations level when our government is allowing this type of terrorism to take place towards your people right here in Canada , and this should be refered to as a breach of security when it comes to terrorizing your people and and a major violation towards human rights .

  5. I’m sorry that indigenous people worldwide are being systematically genocided by racist governments. I pray that more people wake up and stop supporting corrupt governments. Sending prayers from Kwapa nation ❤️

  6. I am for mi'kmaqi and their constitutional right. Terrorism laws are unconstitutional, the goal should be to challenge it. Not flip it around and give the government further precident to attack anyone who doesn't fit their narrative.

  7. No offence, but this isn’t about treaty issues anymore. It’s about racist radicals terrorizing a minority and the RCMP almost enabling them from a lack of action. Treaties are a separate issue at this point, we need these dangerous idiots off the streets and the RCMP investigated.


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