Iran to support Syria in battle for Golan region; Islamism plagues France – TV7 Israel News 29.10.20

Iran to support Syria in battle for Golan region; Islamism plagues France – TV7 Israel News 29.10.20

Today’s top stories 29.10.20;

1) Iran vows to help Syria reconquer Israel’s northern Golan Heights region.
2) Islamist terrorism is plaguing France once again, with a deadly attack claiming the lives of three Christian believers at a Church in the city of Nice.
3) Germany warns Muslim leaders not to plan into the hands of radical Islamists.

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  1. LOL. Yeah right. America (my country) would side with Israel on this one and the entire Middle East is turning against Irans evil priests (people are good and being held as slaves to the regime) and are seeing Israel as the reasonable and fair country they are and the Palestinians as not victims; but idiots who cause trouble and have had statehood handed to them on a silver platter under very beneficial terms many times and spit on it. Everyone is sick of them and thanks to Trump, they lost a pile of welfare money they used to attack the US with propaganda; rejoicing in the streets after 911 and attacking civilians in Israel.

    LOL, come bring it.

  2. Pray for Trump to get reelected or Israel will be vulnerable, because joebama's handlers will never help them. Pray for Israel, actually, I feel a great deal of pity for the country/countries that go after Israel. They're tough as hell with remarkable capabilities. They may lose, but they are going to spank some ass before it's done.

  3. I pray that Syria and Iran will come to their senses and not make use of Islam for their senseless killings and provocation of war against all other nations around them. They won't have the victory. Islamism have deeply poisoned and ruined their spirits. Least they won't accept and turn to Jesus, Yeshuah Ha Mashiac, the Prince of Peace, they'll never ever knew peace at all. It's so sad to imagine how they lived and spend all their life in hatred, war and destruction.
    The last days of the world is approaching. World history, His (God's) Story of this world, according to His Words, in the Bible (spoken through His prophets) are happening and evidently taking place now.
    Go back to your roots, Iran and Syria. All your efforts will be futile and in vain. God loves and takes care of Israel! Have you not heard, God has spoken, declaring " My beloved Israel and my Chosen People"…Whoever bless them shall be blessed, and whoever cursed them shall be cursed ".


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