Vienna shooting: Austria hunts suspects after ‘Islamist terror’ attack – BBC News

Vienna shooting: Austria hunts suspects after ‘Islamist terror’ attack – BBC News

Austrian police are searching for at least one suspect after a multiple gun attack in the capital, Vienna, that killed four people.

Seventeen other people have been wounded – some seriously – after gunmen opened fire at six different locations in the city centre on Monday evening.

One attacker was shot dead by police, officials said.

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer described the assailant killed by police as an “Islamist terrorist”.

Two of those who died in the random shooting were women and two were men. One of the women was reportedly a waitress. The second woman died of her wounds in hospital overnight, reports said.

The victims were in a city centre area busy with people in bars and restaurants, near Vienna’s central synagogue, but it is not yet clear if that was the target.

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  1. EU leaders brought this shit to Europe to destroy our culture. All Islamists should be deported along with our leaders to Sahara and left there to suffer for their crimes. We do not have any leaders and politicians here, we have criminals running snd ruining this entire continent. They made it unsafe for us. Deport all Islamists they have no business being here. Our leaders are cowards and traitors they are worse than Hitler because they are working against their own people.

  2. BBC / YouTube free speech cancellation in full swing today. I will try again….. 'Diversity is our strength' – Sadiq Khan. Yes of course it is Mr Khan. Tell that to the hundreds of innocent Europeans slaughtered in their own country.


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