Terrorist In Chief

Terrorist In Chief

High-quality studio recording of this song is on my album, When I’m Elected President:

Obama gave a speech, I wrote a song.


Terrorist In Chief

It’s September 11th and Obama gave a speech
On the War on Terror and its mighty reach
The arm of the law is long and victory will be ours
As long as we cooperate with certain powers
Such as the ones who funded the Islamic State
The Saudis are our allies, of this there’s no debate
The misogynist king will bring us some relief
From the Caliphate – so said the Terrorist-In-Chief

It’s September 11th, listen to the man
Talk about successes in Afghanistan
Still the world’s poorest country, still beneath the yoke
Of the very terrorists whose back he claimed we broke
Now we’re at war with IS in Syria and Iraq
Though we can’t support the main army that’s fighting back
They’re terrorists too, though with a secular belief
So down with Asad! So said the Terrorist-In-Chief

It’s September 11th and there’s someone on the screen
I’m still trying to figure out what he means
The Peshmerga are ours now, we give them air support
While just across the border, lives cut short
By our Turkish allies, also in this fight
As they kill our infantry when they have them in their sights
There are some things not worth mentioning, he’s got to keep it brief
So said the Terrorist-In-Chief

It’s September 11th and I’m hearing every sound
3,200 boots, but they don’t really touch the ground
And all the mercenaries, they don’t really count
These details don’t matter when there’s a campaign to mount
Just listen closely, the White House has it sussed
We’ll protect those refugees, these oil cans won’t rust
No, not Honduran kids – Yazidi ones, good grief
So said the Terrorist-In-Chief


  1. words good,tune?switch it around more,have some surprises,play slack key,relearn chord shapes.your words need a vehicle,and not a wheelbarrow.get a mandolin for new sounds in your head.can do better.words deserve better.

  2. Another September 11 anniversary of greater importance than much else: Long live the Muslim social innovation of modern collective non-violence 11th of September 1906!

    It is time to put yet another sep 11 behind us. The day 1906 on which the Muslim Hajee Habib inspired the political strategy that became known as "Satyagraha", the collective struggle with nonviolent resistance. The idea got strong support by Gandhi and the 3000 participants at the Empire Theatre in Johannesburg. The big meeting was made possible much thanks to the Muslim Hamidiya Society.

    From South African History online:

    When Mr. Hajee Habib rose to speak, the audience greeted him with cheers. His speech was so caustic and impassioned that even those who did not know Gujarati said they could follow its purport. Now and then, Mr. Hajee Habib used English anecdotes. The audience was greatly roused by his speech of which the following is a summary:

    The fourth resolution is the most important of all. Everything depends upon it. There is no disgrace in going to gaol; rather it is an honour. Only a few people knew of Mr. Tilak before he went to gaol; today the whole world knows him. We are not going to get justice at the hands of the British Government. It kills us with sweet words; we should not be deceived. They offer us sympathy, but we ask for justice, not sympathy. The British are ever willing to advise others. They are always ready to appease the Christian people. Take the case of Turkey. The British do not hesitate to bully Turkey, and that not in order to secure the interests of their own subjects. Again in this country, the doors are open to the whites and Christians, even if they were foreign nationals. In their view, the whites are descended from Heaven and we, they think, have come from the other place. This Bill is most objectionable. If it is passed, I solemnly declare that I will never get myself registered again and will be the first to go to gaol. [Applause] I recommend the same course to you all. Are you all prepared to take the oath? [The Assembly stood up to a man and said, 'Yes, we will go to gaol!'] Only by so doing shall we succeed. We tried this method in the days of the Boer Government also. Some 40 of our men were once arrested for trading without licences. I advised them to go to gaol and not to seek release on bail. Accordingly, they all remained there without offering bail. I immediately approached the British Agent, who approved of our action and ultimately secured justice for us. Now that British Government is in power, the time has come for us to go to gaol, and go we will.

    As he repeated the last phrase thrice, the meeting greeted his resolve with applause.

    When Mr. Hajee Ojer Ally stood up to second the fourth resolution, the whole theatre resounded with prolonged cheers which took some time to subside. Then Mr. Ally made a thundering speech in English, which is summarized below:

    The resolution I stand here to second is not an ordinary one, and it enjoins a great responsibility on us. I am the father of eleven children, but I am prepared to take up the responsibility. Like Mr. Hajee Habib, I, too, shall refuse to register myself and prefer to go to gaol and deem it an honour. The Government has betrayed us. In answer to our petition, they said that the matter was under consideration and that they would give us a definite reply. They said the same thing to the deputation. Despite this, two days later, they brought the Bill before the Legislative Council, and within four days, had it passed. [Shame!] The Bill originally envisaged registration of women also. But, owing to the efforts of the Hamidiya Society, that provision was dropped.


    Should the Legislative Council, the local and the Imperial Governments reject the humble prayer of the Indian community against the Asiatic Ordinance, every Indian present at this meeting solemnly and sincerely resolves that, rather than submit to this tyrannical law and abide by its un-British provisions, he will prefer to go to gaol and will continue to do so until it pleases His Majesty the King-Emperor to grant relief.


    The Rand Daily Mail says that no meeting has ever taken place in the Transvaal like the one held by the Indians in the Empire Theatre. The theatre was packed, at least three thousand persons attending. Many people could not get in for want of room. The shopkeepers and hawkers had all closed business at ten in the morning. Though the theatre gates were due to be opened at two, people began collecting from eleven onwards and the theatre had to be opened at twelve. By 1.30 there was no room for anyone to enter the spacious theatre. Though such a large number of persons had assembled, there was no untoward incident, and quiet prevailed everywhere. The people sat or stood patiently, waiting for the proceedings to start. Such a meeting and such enthusiasm have never before been seen among Indians.

    Though all this shows the extent of oppression to which Indians are subjected, it must be admitted that much of the credit for holding such a meeting goes to the Hamidiya Islamic Society. The Society's hall was thrown open to all, Hindus and Muslims alike. For a week past, meetings had been held during which all the leading Indians held consultations. Very often, the meetings continued till midnight. Younger associations in South Africa would do well to follow well to follow the example of the Hamidiya Society.


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