The Pentagon and Bernie Sanders Agree: Terrorism Linked to Climate Change

The Pentagon and Bernie Sanders Agree: Terrorism Linked to Climate Change

NYU’s Christian Parenti explains how we can connect the dots between droughts, neoliberal policies and terrorism


  1. He's absolutely correct. The CIA has been studying and preparing reports on how to deal with civil unrest brought on by climate change. Our own government is already preparing for this and it isn't classified information.

  2. 2 Logic Questions: Answer them and I will agree with climate change.
    1. If this is a cold hard data driven argument, with every climate scientist agreeing, (minus the 33,000 who publicly disagree w/ a petition) then why is language used that parallels religion, such as "you don't believe in god/Allah/Reincarnation/ climate change/ global warming??"
    2. If it is objectively a data driven position, then why is it split right down the middle with Democrats on one side and Republicans on another??

  3. i wonder what all the bombs and fires do for the environment there no trees i imagine its hard breathe those people have it hard enough as it is we have no clue what it would be like to walk in their shoes but we keep up these'' counter terror''acts we see what its like were asking for trouble bite off more than we can chew

  4. Funny how the climate change crisis hit the countries the US wanted to carry out regime change. And it also conveniently started in Syria just after they were done with Libya.

    Hmm, something tells me that the Arab spring would have happened regardless of the weather.


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