Dr. Greg Carr Discusses Trump’s Terrorists Storming the Capitol

Dr. Greg Carr Discusses Trump’s Terrorists Storming the Capitol

Dr. Greg Carr (@AfricanaCarr on Twitter) talks with Karen about the insurrection at the Capitol and what it means to America’s “democracy.” #InClasswithCarr #Insurrection #KarenHunterShow
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  1. To shed some light on how do I move pass those horrible memories because I suffer from anxiety still to this day from that but it's time to address what happen to that generation and every other generation after that because the rappers came and made it ok to take pills and syrup and ecstacy and all sorts of things

  2. Wonder if the Biden/Harris administration will seek or create author bills/laws for Domestic Terrorist/thugs who raided the capital & still planning? Just like laws were author and enforce against us from 1970-the 1990s. Biden did author a crime bill against us that landed many of us in Prison til this day.

  3. REMEMBER KAPERNICK!!! These are the same people who said Kapernick was unpatriotic because he kneeled during the National Anthem. Now they are destroying the buildings that represents the bastion of democracy.


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