U.S. designates Cuba as ‘state sponsor of terrorism’

U.S. designates Cuba as ‘state sponsor of terrorism’

The task of improving relations between the U.S. and Cuba just got harder for President-elect Joe Biden.

On Monday, the U.S. State Department announced it was designating Cuba a state sponsor of terrorism.

The move reverses a decision made more than five years ago by the Obama-Biden administration. CGTN’s Luis Chirino has reaction from Havana.


  1. Why is America messing with Cuba 🇨🇺 ?? This doesn’t make sense. What Cuba did ???? I hope the Cuban people are ready for war!! Sanctions then war! The same old American trick.

  2. The biggest terrorist organisation in the world is the government of the United States. Just count how many millions it has murdered in the last 20 years alone in the wars it started around the globe. No one is even close.

  3. Man those Cubans we sanctioned for decades aren't all starving and dying out because their Communist government is doing a great job resisting our genocide tactics? time to sanction them even more.

  4. When will the US start acting in the interests of the world and not just it's own interests? That's vindictive to punish the Cubans just because they lost an election. Some would say act of evil.


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