Turkey Slams US for ‘Siding with PKK Terrorists’

Turkey Slams US for ‘Siding with PKK Terrorists’

Turkey has criticised the US for siding with the terrorists over its failure to outrightly condemn the killing of 13 Turkish citizens by the PKK terror group in Iraq’s Gara region. Turkey has been clashing with the PKK in northern Iraq for the past two years, however the US, a NATO ally to Turkey, has been playing both sides. Although Washington recognises PKK as a terrorist group, it fails to do the same for PKK’s Syrian branches – the YPG and the PYD. The US is also known to have provided financial and military support for these terror groups.


Murat Aslan
Assistant Professor at Hasan Kalyoncu University

Matthew Bryza
Former US Ambassador


  1. matthew bryza says they (usa & turkey) have to work on other fields to come out of this gordian knot. no mr. matthew…usa made his choice to work with a terror group, there is no negotiation about that. there is only one country who has to work on this and this is usa!

  2. Condolences to family’s who lost their loved ones.Turkey has evidence now Eu usa changing tune .Turkey should destroy Eu usa military aid to pkk sdf at first oppertunity n release evidence on public media for the world to see. Greece nato member has S300 but Turkey get S400 N not Compatible with nato how is that so.Turkey made right decision to purchase S400 to protect its sovereignty.


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