Abrogation In ISLAM & Contradiction in QURAN| Response to Anti-Islamist

Abrogation In ISLAM & Contradiction in QURAN| Response to Anti-Islamist

Are All peaceful verses of Quran ABROGATED ? Is Quran full of Contradictions ? RESPONDING ANTI-ISLAMIST

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  1. Quran surah 3 verse 28 permits muslim to lie. You are following that verse. Only a 5 year old boy will accept your logic.
    If that ALLAH is all knowing then why he revealed 3 verses for alcohol? One wasn't sufficient? How ALLAH changes his words? Alcohol is satanic element then why ALLAH HAS RIVER OF WINE IN HAVEN?
    Don't be offended. please answer if u know.

  2. Thank you very much dear bro./sis. for the good and informative videos, we really appreciate your efforts. I'd like add some complementary updates for the abrogation Ayah (verse) you talked about: yes, very correctly the Ayah talks about earlier scriptures, not the Qur'anic verses, and specifically the verses of Ahkaam (verdicts) that relates back to the earlier scriptures,
    (the verse says abrogation "either with a better or the same")

    two examples for a better abrogation:
    – in the Wudu (cleaning body parts before praying Salah), washing feet was required, after Qur'an (now nasakh bi-khayrihi: abrogation with a better one), now (masah: touch, with wet hand) is enough (required the least),
    – in the Fasting, "is required how earlier scriptures' people used to fast", but there is better nasakh, saying now we are "allowed to have sex / make love at fasting nights",

    may Allah SWT. increase our knowledge always for the better, thank you,

  3. Celestial khmar very different with wine or alcohol in this world. Wine in this world make u drunk meanwhile celestial khmar not. Wine in this world not good for u body.

  4. This is why INFIDEL so DUMBASS. They cannot see the difference between alcohol in this world with celestial khmar. Alcohol in this world make u drunk n give bad effect to ur body meanwhile celestial khmar. They really cant understand different of in this world and in paradise(jannah).


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