Corona के दौर में भी Yemen में Saudi Arab और UAE Shia Vs. Sunni वाली जंग में फंसे | Duniyadari E39

Corona के दौर में भी Yemen में Saudi Arab और UAE Shia Vs. Sunni वाली जंग में फंसे | Duniyadari E39

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Duniyadari- 27 April
First Headline-

New Zealand claimed to have eliminated the Coronavirus (COVID19) on April 26 after reporting cases in single figures since last few days. New Zealand also eased lockdown restrictions from level four to level three.

Second Headline-

Coronavirus cases are approaching towards the three million numbers worldwide, according to the figures provided by Johns Hopkins University. More than two lakh people have died from Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Third Headline-

Russia has passed China in the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases.

Badi Khabar-

United Arab Emirates (UAE) supported Southern Transitional Council (STC) in Yemen had declared that it will govern the port city of Yemen and also the other southern provinces. Saudi Arabia supported President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi has warned STC of dangerous consequences. Saudi Arabia, too, has urged all parties to maintain the status quo by sticking to the November 2019 Riyadh peace deal. STC wanted to be a part of the negotiations as they claim to represent the Southern Yemen, but their demand was ignored.

Yemen war is in fifth year and has killed more than one lakh people. Iran backed Houthi rebels are fighting against the Saudi Arabia coalition. Houthi rebels hold Yemen’s former capital Sanaa. On April 8, Saudi coalition has announced a ceasefire amid the Coronavirus pandemic, giving hope of a possible peace deal. The recent developments have highlighted the different agendas of UAE and Saudi Arabia, two important Arab allies with each of them supporting a different power player in Yemen. This war is definitely far from over.

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  1. Great Job Lalantop it's all make sense after lot of damage taken by Saudi and Yemen it's still going on now UAE is trying to play individually. I hope they sort it out on table instead of battle ground life's are precious ????

  2. आप वीडियो को नीचे जो अलग लाइन चला रहे है वो डिस्टर्ब कर रही है इसलिए वीडियो पर से ध्यान हट रहा है ऊपर इतने नए नाम और टाइटल इसलिए ये कुछ डिफिकल्ट बन गया।

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