US designates Yemen’s Houthi rebels a ‘terrorist’ group

US designates Yemen’s Houthi rebels a ‘terrorist’ group

The United States’s State Department says it will designate Yemen’s Houthi rebels as a “terrorist group”.
Dozens of humanitarian organisations have opposed the move, saying it could have catastrophic consequences for civilians.
Al Jazeera’s Andrew Chappelle reports.

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  1. houthis have never had any honor or true commitment to coexistence since the 90s . they have always chosen to be a weed in a beautiful garden . everyone don’t believe the skinny babies and the mumbojumbo. u mean the baby is hungry but the mom was able to carry it full term . what a baby need some milk squash Nd chicken baby food . anybody can make that. at home .
    how about that drone technology they seem to be able to maintain. pretty interesting.

  2. Ya Allah pls help our brother and sister from israel and America ya Allah pls help our Palastine Iraq yamen nigiria Somalia afganistan burma Israel and America killing our people's any vere ya Allah pls help use

  3. ولدت وترعرعت في اثيوبيا وانا مواطن يمني حزين جدا واتمنى السلام لليمن لان بلدي هكذا.


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