Suspected JeM Terrorists Attack Sunjwan Army Camp In Jammu

Suspected JeM Terrorists Attack Sunjwan Army Camp In Jammu

Two jawans, including a junior commissioner officer (JCO), were killed and four persons were injured after suspected Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists attacked the Sunjwan army camp in Jammu and Kashmir early on Saturday morning. The area has currently been cordoned off.


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  1. When they poured across the border
    I was cautioned to surrender
    This I could not do
    I took my gun and vanished.
    Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing
    Through the graves the wind is blowing
    Freedom soon will come
    Then we'll come from the shadows.
    The Partisan.
    Life goes on, like it always has. My Papa survived Stalingrad. His brother died in the first week. Fate.

  2. These are all thugs and terrorists of the RSS who are oppressing innocent people and using ballot guns is a violation of international law. If peacefully striving for freedom and protesting against oppression is terrorism, then Gandhi He was a big terrorist and he did all this to get independence from the British government


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