Turkey’s Syria op could see ISIS terrorists scattering – Putin

Turkey’s Syria op could see ISIS terrorists scattering – Putin

Islamic State militants may flee and take up arms again as Kurdish militias fighting them retreat amid the Turkish ground offensive, Vladimir #Putin has said. He doubts that #Turkey’s forces could prevent this from happening.

“There’s areas in northern #Syria where Islamic State’s militants have amassed,” the Russian president warned at the Commonwealth of Independent States’ summit in Turkmenistan.

Such buffer zones were guarded by Syrian Kurds but now “the Turkish army is moving in and the Kurds are abandoning those camps,” creating the power vacuum.

‘They could simply run away. I’m not sure whether the Turkish army could get it under control fast’ – Putin

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  1. Once Putin kept eyes closed for the turkish invasion, he will be responsible if ISIS comes to Balkans. Of course, the subsequent destabilization will be in his interest because ISIS will operate in NATO areas, namely Romania, Bulgaria, Skopia, Greece

  2. I’m sure we all can agree that a nuclear war would be the extinction of the human race. So regardless if America and Russia have each other in firing range…… it would be suicidal to launch a attack. Why can’t we just all get along? Why are these terrorists organizations even forming? The way I see it, this should be a world wide effort.

  3. It's obvious to me what"s going to happen turkey Invades ,N.A.T.O. is sitting back and when the Turks and Syrian army starts fighting… N.A.T.O. will say one of ours is under attack. and they'll say we have a mandate. Then in goes n.a.t.o. they will smash the Syrian army and regime .and that's what they wanted in the first place…and war and misery for the Syrians…and the war mongers will make their money

  4. This is a ploy to face Russia and Turkey against each other. The two countries already have had clashes between their armies. Turkey steps in initially with a little bit of US approval. Then the US pulls out because they didn't know how big the invading force was going to be and how much Turkey had planned to take Syria into their own hands? Nope. It's all a game. The fact that Turkey hates the Kurds and Syrian forces that are backed by Russia and Iran is no secret. The US knew this, and they also knew that they had to create tension between Turkey and Russia to eliminate the possibility of the two countries getting to close. All of this and the US keeps getting to point their finger at bad bad Russia and bad bad Turkey. Strategically speaking this could turn out to be a huge win for the US. Remember, the world is simple a complicated game of chess. Where the winner gets influence, resources, and strong trade deals.

  5. Putin has a real head on his shoulders. Especially when it comes to foreign affairs. The Democrats with their rhetoric have made it impossible for Trump and Putin to work together to deal with ISIS.


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